Meet Frank

Anyone who has visited Cruisers Ice Cream Parlor knows Frank.  When Cruisers first opened, Frank greeted all the guests from outside.  He became an icon.  People from all over the world took pictures of Frank saluting.  Frank even ran for Mayor of Copperopolis, but unfortunately, he lost to a duck.  Frank celebrated every holiday with his many outfits.  Everyone loved Frank.

On July 1st 2013, Frank went missing.  Someone decided that Frank would go on an adventure. Facebook was filled with pleas to bring Frank home.  How could it be that someone would actually steal this friendly greeter?  We thought Frank was lost forever.  To our great surprise, on July 27th, we received a call that Frank had been spotted!!  We were so happy.  The Sheriff brought our Frank home and everything was right with the world again.

On July 28th, we had a welcome home party for Frank.  Below are some of the wonderful people who came to celebrate this happy homecoming.  So now Frank greets our guests from the INSIDE 🙂